Map Help – California Ridge

California Ridge is marked on this map using back colored polygons (This map is sourced from Google MyMaps, but all annotations of the map are not those of Google.  The content of the map is merely for demonstrative purposes; this map should not be used for any official purpose as borders are not drawn accurately).  This map highlights some close locations (some with contact information) that may be useful to know about.  If you would like to request a location to be added to the map, please use the “Contact” page to directly contact the web team.  We will review every recommendation individually. 

Map legend:  Trees mark out parks; Fire extinguishers mark out fire stations; Shopping bags mark out stores; A knife and spoon (crossed) mark out dining; Two people are used to denote schools; “X” markings are used to denote gates; Gas stations are marked with gas pumps; Banks are marked with a “100” on a rectangle; Animal Hospitals are marked with a paw print; and Major roadways are marked with vehicles.

You may click on markers on the map to get the names of the locations which are represented.