Residents are encouraged to refer to these safety tips to stay secure and safe.  If you feel that any tip provided below is inaccurate or otherwise not fit for this page, please raise the issue by using the “Contact” page to send the web team a message.


Emergency service phone numbers are provided to the right.  Call these numbers ONLY for their prescribed use.  911 is meant for all emergencies including police, fire, and/or medical responces.  311’s usage is NOT for emergencies.  Use 311 for citizen services as prescribed on the San Jose municipal website.  Direct contact information for the San Jose Police Department and two fire departments are provided for use as outlined by their respective agencies.  Only contact CalFire for incidents under their jurisdiction (Mainly wildfires).

Dial 911 for emergencies (Fire, Police, Medical).

Dial 311 for non-emergencies.

Call (408) 277-8900 to directly contact the San Jose Police Department

Call (408) 629-3336 to contact our closest San Jose Fire Department fire station.

 Call (408) 268-1600 to contact the California Department of Forestry and Fire Prevention (CalFire).

Linked to the right are SJPD’s prevention tips to help keep yourself & your neighbors safe, especially when you see suspicious activity.  We highly encourage neighbors to follow the SJPD’s tips and call 911 to report any suspicious activity around the neighborhood – the attitude that “someone else will do it” does not work with crime, and will put neighbors at risk if an actual, preventable incident was not reported in a timely manner.  Please take a few moments to take a look through SJPD’s suggestions.