Website Updates & Information

Dear Residents,

Happy New Year! The California Ridge Web Team wishes you a wonderful 2023.

With the New Year, the California Ridge Website will be undergoing a few major updates, including a few new pages. Here’s a rundown of what these pages are going to be like:

  1. A new “Current Residents” dropdown menu – this dropdown menu will neatly organize pages that California Ridge residents will likely need to refer to. This includes multiple new pages which will be added in shortly to provide residents with more transparency and information. Please note: The Ridge Report will be organized under this tab, so to access past ridge reports, click on “Current Residents”.
  2. Replacement & Repairs – this new page will list some common items which homeowners need to replace once in a while, as well as some places to purchase them. This list is currently being built.
  3. A new “Projects” Dropdown menu – This dropdown menu is located under the “Current Residents” tab and will display a series of sub-pages which correspond to active neighborhood projects, such as the ongoing roofing project. As information is made available to the web team, it will be displayed under the appropriate project page.

Please note that the above changes will take time to be complete, and the pages as available now are not final. We would like to hear your feedback on these additions so we can improve them. Feel free to provide feedback through the “Contact Us” page.

Further updates:

  1. The California Ridge Map Page has been around with a few locations around the neighborhood marked. We understand that this is not an extensive list, so if you are aware of any local treasures you would like to highlight, feel free to reach out to us with your recommendations.
  2. Numerous pages are currently being tested out, and they are in various stages. If you have a suggestion for a page you would like to see in the future, let us know and we will explore the suggestion.

If you have any questions about these updates, feel free to reach out to the web team.

Thanks & Regards,

The California Ridge Web Team