Enclosed is the pesticide application notification for 2022. The PDF enclosed has the information about the application.

  • Herbicides: Cheetah Pro, Dimension .25G, Dimension Ultra 40WP, Envoy Plus, Fusilade II, Gallery 75DF, Lifeline, Oust,
    Pendulum AquaCap, Pendulum 2G, Snapshot 2.5TG, Speedzone Southern, SureGuard SC, Turflon Easter
  • Fungicides: Agri-Fos, Eagle 20EW, Reliant
  • Insecticides: Arena .25G, Astro, Merit .05G, Merit 75WP, Onslaught, Safari 20SG, Ultra-Pure Oil, Zylam
  • Growth Regulators: Monterey Floral, Atrimmec, Cutless .33G
  • Mollocide: Sluggo
  • Gopher Control: JT Eaton Answer
  • Spreader Sticker: No Foam A, Pentra-Bark, Target Pro-Spreader