California Ridge’s web team is committed to providing pertinent information to residents. This post outlines a few ways that residents can improve their chances of staying safe, secure, and compliant with HOA rules.

  • It is required that garbage cans are put away no later than Saturday morning. By leaving garbage cans outside longer than this period you may invite criminals to your residence due to what appears to be an empty house. If you cannot put away the garbage cans by Saturday morning, consider asking a neighbor to do so for you.
  • It is imperative that residents and guests of the community refrain from parking on the roadside. Our streets are narrow, and doing so not only obstructs a fire lane, but creates safety issues for drivers in both directions who will have to navigate into opposing traffic flow.
  • There may be no more than three (3) planter boxes located in the front area of a residence. The walkway must remain traversable without obstruction.
  • All outward facing sides of curtains, blinds, or shutters must be white in color.
  • Common Areas may be used by residents for purposes in compliance with the rules that govern them. After using the common areas, please remember to clear them of any contents which you may have taken onto the land.

For detailed information about association rules, visit the “Documents” page.

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