Mail theft reports have been received by California Ridge. The web team is posting this message to assist homeowner’s in deterring and possibly preventing thefts.

Before proceeding, keep in mind that: The Association does not assess owners for security services and the Association does not, and cannot, guarantee a crime-free community and does not guarantee the security of any residence, resident, visitor, or personal property. It is possible for someone to enter the property under false pretenses to commit crimes, for residents to commit crimes against their neighbors, for guests of residents to commit crimes, and for employees or contractors to commit crimes. As a result, the Association is not and can never be free of crime and cannot guarantee your safety or security. Owners should not rely on the Association to protect them from loss or harm—owners should provide for their own security by taking common sense precautions, including but not limited to carrying insurance against loss; keeping your doors locked; refusing to open your door to strangers; asking workmen for identification; installation of a security system; locking your car; not leaving items visible in your vehicle; and taking in your mail on a daily basis as soon as possible, etc.

While the association does maintain and repair, maintain, and replace all mailboxes, the contents within each mailbox is property of the individual the mail is addressed to. Mail theft should be reported to the San Jose Police Department along with all pertinent information and/or evidence.

To deter and possibly prevent such thefts, residents may utilize approved mailboxes with locking inserts (Links open in new tab):

  1. An approved mailbox (SPECIFIC LINK):
  2. Locked insert for mailboxes:

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